Parent Portal Guidance

Sometimes parents have trouble logging on to our Parent Portal. This is usually to do with individual users and not the Portal itself. If you are having a problem, please try the fixes below.

1. The Portal is a web page not an app. It is better to try and access it using a laptop or a desktop PC. Tablets and phones can be used but they might not display the page properly

2.  Use the web browser Google Chrome. Other browsers will work but again you may have issues.

3. When using Google Chrome, you may have to clear the cache before the page displays properly. Instructions for clearing the cache are below.

To refresh and delete the caches:

- Load the Arbor Login page
- Right-click anywhere on your Arbor screen and click 'inspect' at the bottom of the menu. (This will open up a bar at the bottom/side of your screen you need to leave open')
- Right-click the refresh button on your internet browser (the round arrow at the top left of the screen and select 'empty cache & hard reload' from the menu.
- Now try logging in.

You should only need to do this process once.

Parent Portal Guidance

Parent Portal Guidance
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