At Kennington we are using the metaphor of the Learning Pit in order to help children face new challenges, build resilience and persevere when things get tough. Watch the video below for a brief and entertaining summary of what the Learning Pit is.


You can find out more about The Learning Pit and it's creator, James Nottingham, by clicking the link below.


Children and Challenge

Sometimes a child might react to a new challenge in these ways:

›Get frustrated

›Get upset

›Become anxious


›All can possibly lead to them giving up and:


›Asking the teacher (and hoping that they tell them how to do it).

›Giving up and refusing to continue working.

›Guessing with no prior thought.

Around school we have our Learning Pit displays that encourage children to think about challenges in different ways.


We want to change the attitude of children who don’t react positively to challenges by ensuring that a safe atmosphere is apparent in class and removing the fear of failure and also getting them excited by the notion of having a go.
Below are photos of children who have used The Learning Pit to help them with challenges. We will add to them over the course of the year.

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