Image of Y6 Fun Night
19 Jul
Image of Plas Menai 2019
3 Jul

Plas Menai 2019

Plas Menai 2019

Image of Sports Day 2019
20 Jun

Sports Day 2019

We managed a day without too much rain for our sports day!

Image of Sing Together at Blackburn 2019
26 Mar

Sing Together at Blackburn 2019

Kennington Choir sing at King George's Hall

Image of Borwick  2019
22 Mar

Borwick 2019

Y3 and Y4 visit Borwick Hall

Image of Investigating Materials
22 Nov

Investigating Materials

Over the last few weeks, we have been investigating changes in materials. We have looked at the process of dissolving by investigating which solids dissolve in water to form a solution. This week, we have looked at the process of melting to identify reversible and irreversible changes. We used tealights to heat different types of food to see what change occurred. From our investigations, we have developed our ability to make predictions as well as detailed observations of what we have seen occur.