All schools have a Governing Body, whose responsibility is the strategic development of the school.  The day-to-day leadership and management are for the Headteacher and staff.

The Governing Body includes parents and members of the community with a variety of expertise.

You can see our governors attendance records for each committee meeting here

There are termly meetings for the full Governing Body and sub-committees.

Governors serve a term of 4 years.

Name Category Term of Office Committees Responsibilities Chairperson



Relationships Governor at other School Date Stepped Down

DrJohn Bailey

CG 31.08.2017 A,P,PA,SEC,APA, Chair, Science, H&S SEC No No No  
Mrs Munira Patel P 02.04.2018 A,CA,PD,SD,G,P SEC PE   No No No 06.02.20
Mr Henry Pearman P 02.04.2018 P,G Maths,ICT,SG   No No No  
Mr Rob Godlonton CG 02.04.2018 R,G Pupil Premium   No No No 30.06.18
Mrs Samantha Molloy CG 02.04.2018 R,     No No No  
Mr Simon Pritchard H 31.08.2018 SEC,R,P     No No No  
Mr Julian Andrews CG 31.08.2017 A,CA,P, Hist, Geog   No No No 26.05.16
Mrs Alanna Richardson S 05.02.2015 SEC     No No No  
Mr Harry Seddon CG 31.08.2017 SEC,R,CA,APA     No No No 31.08.17
Dr Nabila Alam CG 02.07.2018 R,SD,P,PD,G Literacy R No No No  
Mrs Fatima Ismail P 20.03.2019       No No No 07.07.16
Mrs Jackie Nuttall CG 01.02.2019   Training Link   No No No  
Mrs Jude Duffy O 01.01.2015       No No No  
Mr S Greenhalgh CG   SEC,SD,SR,CA,AP,PD,G     No No No 01.09.15

Mrs Bapu

P 01.09.16 PA,A, EYFS,EV   No No No  
Mrs D Murray P 05.10.17 CA,SEC MA,RE   No No No  
Mrs N Akhtar P 05.10.17 CA,R ART   No No No  
Mrs Hamilton-Gray P 04.10.18 PA,A, GEOG, PPG   No No No  
Mrs L Bentley CG 04.10.18 R MFL   No No No  
Dr Biellas-Barnes LA 04.10.18       No No No  


Key: CG - Co-opted P - Parent H - Head Teacher S - Staff O - Observer

A - Appeals SEC - Standards Effectiveness and Welfare R - Resources SD - Staff Discipline and Dismissal 

SR - Staffing Review and Dismissal CA - Complaints Appeals P - Pay AP - Appraisal and Pay Appeals

PD - Pupil Discipline G - Grievance


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