Kennington Primary School began life as Watling Street County Primary School in 1908. Over the years the building has had many additions and now has a capacity of 245 children with a yearly in take of 35 children.


The Classes

The schools class organisation can be seen in the table below.

Class Teacher Year group

Mrs Harris/Mrs Harris

Cherry Ms Hartley/Mrs Hayward Year 1
Willow Mrs Harrison/Mrs Buxton Year1/Year 2

Mr Sudell

Year 2
Class 3 Mrs Riley/Mrs Richardson Year 3
Class 4 Miss O'Brien/Mrs Richardson Year 4
Class 5 Miss Kuczera Year 5
Class 6 Miss Clarke Year 6


The School Day

School starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.20pm.

We open our doors from 8:35am. Our official start time is 8:45. Children should arrive no later than this. We lock the gate and doors at 8:50am.

At the end of the school day parents/guardians of Infant (Key Stage 1) and Reception children are expected to be waiting on the playground around 2.55pm to collect their children at 3.20pm.

Total time per week - 32.5hrs

Morning session
8.45am - 11:45am (Infants)
8.45am - 12:15pm (Juniors)

Afternoon session
12.45pm - 3.20pm. (Infants)
1.05pm - 3.20pm (Juniors)