At Kennington Primary School, safeguarding is given the highest priority. 

There may be occassions when school has concerns about the safety of a child in terms of abuse or neglect. In these cases school will follow the safeguarding policy and may need to make a referral to Children's Social Care.

School will work closely with all agencies and the family to ensure the safety of any child who has been referred to Children's Social Care.

  • The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding is the Head Teacher, Mr Simon Pritchard
  • The Backup Designated Senior Lead is the Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Jude Duffy.

Any Safeguarding concerns should be reported to either of these senior leaders.

If you have a concern regarding the senior leaders, please contact the Chair of Governors Mr John Bailey:

Online-safety policy and practice at Kennington Primary School.


Safeguarding Documents