We have an intake of 35 children each year. As the Reception class are still working on the Early Years Framework, we keep all 35 together in one class. We can do this as we have two qualified teachers in the class.

As the children move into Year 1 and Year 2, we have to split the two year groups across three classes as we are not allowed to have more than 30 children in an infant class. This means that one class will be Year 1 children (Cherry), one class will be a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 children (Willow) and one class will be Year 2 children (Beech).

Coming out of Reception, your child may go into Cherry Class or may go into Willow Class as a Year 1 child.

When they move into Year 2, they will go into either Willow or Beech. They will not stay in the same class for two years.

The curriculum is done on a two year rolling program so that nothing is repeated and by the end of Key Stage 1, they will have covered the whole curriculum.

Those children in the mixed age class are taught in a way that caters for their age and ability and ensures that there is suitable progression. The class teachers and support staff have become skilled in this approach over the years. 

The children are sorted into the classes based on a range of criteria. These include age, ability, group dynamics, maturity, gender Special Educational Needs, siblings. Unfortunately we cannot always accommodate friendships when making these decisions however children will always see each other during playtimes and lunchtimes.

There is a balance of children in each class. Parents should not regard one class as being 'better' or 'worse' than another in any way. The children in all the KS1 classes have their needs met accordingly.

All the staff in the Infant department take part in the decision making process. Once the children have been allocated places, the Senior Leadership Team ratify the decisions. Parents are invited to a meeting where they are informed of the rationale behind the decisions and then they are informed of the classes their children are in for that year.

Once the children have progressed through KS1, they all come back together into a class of 35 to progress through KS2. 

As a parent, you may have your own views of mixed age classes. Please bear in mind when choosing Kennington that your child may be in a mixed age class for one year.