Year 3 have been very busy since everyone has returned to school and have settled back in well.

In English, the children have been listening to stories from 'Tales told in Tents' by Sally Pomme Clayton.  These are traditional tales from Central Asia which are passed down orally through generations.  The children have then been practicing their skills as orators, telling their stories in groups on the stage outside.


In Maths, Year 3 have been finding out about length and measuring.  They have used trundle wheels to measure the outside area, exploring different language of measurement including metres/centimetres/millimetres  and perimeter.



The Geography topic this term has been looking at maps and the children have been very excited to plot their own maps of the school field.  This has turned into some lovely cross-curricular work, including looking for signs of Spring around school, discussing how different places around school make them feel and outdoor PE sessions to support wellbeing.