Image of Investigating Materials
22 Nov

Investigating Materials

Over the last few weeks, we have been investigating changes in materials. We have looked at the process of dissolving by investigating which solids dissolve in water to form a solution. This week, we have looked at the process of melting to identify reversible and irreversible changes. We used tealights to heat different types of food to see what change occurred. From our investigations, we have developed our ability to make predictions as well as detailed observations of what we have seen occur.

Image of Water Cycles
8 Oct

Water Cycles

As part of our topic this term, we have been learning about the United Kingdom. This has included investigating rivers and how they are formed. Before we began looking at different rivers in the UK, we revised the process of the water cycle by creating our own. Over the next few days, we are going to observe our water cycles carefully to watch the process of evaporation happen.

Image of Year 5 Dissecting Flowers
9 May

Year 5 Dissecting Flowers

This term, we have been learning about plants in Science. Today, we looked at the parts of a flower and what their functions are by dissecting lilies and daffodils. Some of us began to compare the parts of different flowers, discussing their similarities and differences.

Image of Year 5 have had a busy week!
2 Feb

Year 5 have had a busy week!

We have had an action packed week in Year 5! We’ve been everything from bakers to painters and investigators! As part of our Maths topic this week, we have been focusing on Measurement. We practiced weighing ingredients and scaling recipes down to make our own fairy cakes which were delicious! Some of us could give Mary Berry a run for her money! On Wednesday, we were given an investigation focusing on different measurements of capacity. We had a 10 litre tank and lots of bottles with different capacities. We had to find as many different ways of filling the tank using the bottles we had been given. We found that there was a lot of different combinations and began to convert different measurements. In the afternoon, we became abstract painters after looking at the work of Jackson Pollock. We used paintbrushes, straws, glue sticks and whisks to create our own abstract splatter paintings. Although we got a bit messy, we had lots of fun! Our artwork looks fantastic! Well done for a super week Year 5!

Image of Year 5 Roman Numerals
12 Jan

Year 5 Roman Numerals

Year 5 investigating Roman Numerals

Image of Christmas Jumper Day 2017
15 Dec

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

Christmas Jumper Day at Kennington